Are all your shoes authentic?

Yes, all products sold on WildfireKicks are 100% authentic, guaranteed.  We do not deal or condone the selling of fakes, unauthorized shoes, or B-grades of any type.


How do I sell you my shoes?

Please email fastcash@wildfirekicks.com with all selling inquiries. We will buy one pair from you or your entire collection. Email us with pictures of the shoe from multiple angles and pictures of any flaws on the shoes. Also include if you have the original box and what size the shoes are.


How do you pay me for my shoes?

Payments are made to you via Paypal invoice or you have the option of sending us the shoes and after we receive them we will send you the money via Paypal gift (so no fees are taken out).


How long will the shoes take to get to me after I order?

We ship all orders with 2 business days of purchase and we use USPS 2-3 day priority shipping.  Since we are located in Eastern North Carolina east coast order will usually take 2-4 days to reach your doorstep and slightly longer for orders on the west coast.


Can I get more pictures of the shoes?

We try to provide pictures of each shoe from all angles on the listings on our website.  If you have looked through those pictures on the website and are still not satisfied email admin@wildfirekicks.com and we will do our best to accommodate you. 


Can I get a tracking number for my order?

Tracking numbers are automatically sent to the email you entered at check out.  You will receive an email immediately after your purchase confirming your order, then you will receive a second email when your order has been shipped. The second email will contain all the tracking information.